Ed. Tech

DSC_0091Mister K. graduated Waynesburg College (now University) in 1977, with a Bachelor of Science in Geology.  He worked as a geotechnician in oil exploration in Houston, Texas for three years after college.  He then moved to New Mexico, where he worked as an underground uranium mining geologist for another three years.  After the mines closed, he became a Country and Western guitar player in a very popular band in NM (the band “The Kountry Kin” won three awards in 1985 from the New Mexico Country Music Assoc., “Best Vocal Band”, “Best Instrumental Band”, and “Best Female Vocalist”). He then relocated back east, where he became a chemical analyst for a gas company for the next sixteen years.  He relocated to Maine with his family in 2002 to Prospect, and became employed as an educator at the Kidspeace New England School in Ellsworth Falls, for the next 9 years.  Mister K. then obtained a position in the best little big school in the world, the Adams School, in Castine, for the 2012-2013 school year.  He likes to tell appropriate puns, does wood carving, Native American beadwork and regalia, and plays rock/blues guitar (his heartfelt musical milieu).  His credo is: “Discretion may be the better part of valor, but silence is the better part of discretion”.