5-8 Science and Math

billmMr. McWeeny grew up on a peninsula in Boston Harbor called Squantum enjoying swimming, sailing, fishing and exploring the seashore. All things marine were his passion. In high school he was a member of the Marine Biology Club and participated in more than 30 science fairs, placing at the Massachusetts State Science Fair three years in a row with his project about the marine wood boring crustacean, Limnoria. At Northeastern University, Mr. McWeeny spent two years at Northeastern’s Nahant Marine Research Center where he learned the micropathology of nudibranchs. After receiving a BS in Biology and Chemistry, Mr. McWeeny tried teaching at his old middle school and discovered the passion of his life was enhanced through teaching. Mr. McWeeny received a Masters Degree in Science Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in 1974. Mr. McWeeny’s teaching style relies heavily on hands-on activities and modeling. His classes are often found not in the classroom but rather in the field collecting data and observing real phenomena. Mr. McWeenys students experience science first hand by being involved in original research ranging from local Stream Team projects to studying right whales and working with the top scientists in right whale research. Mr. McWeeny received the Massachusetts Outstanding Biology Teacher of the Year award in 1998 and the National Middle School Science Teacher of the Year award from the National Biology Teachers Association and Apple Computer in 1999. As one former student recently put it, “In Mr. McWeeny’s classes we don’t just study science, we do science.”

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