Phone: (207) 326-8608

Fax: (207) 326-0665

School Administration and Support Staff

  • Sheila Irvine, Principal : sirvine [at]
  • Elaine Bertrand, School Secretary: ebertrand [at]
  • School Nurse: ebertrand [at]
  • Rich Drenga, Custodian: rdrenga [at]
  • Denny Colson, Bus Driver: dcolson [at]


  • Katrina Dagan, PE and Health: kdagan [at]
  • Tracy Lameyer, grades Pre-K and K: tlameyer [at]
  • Bill McWeeny, Middle School Math and Science: bmcweeny [at]
  • Michael York, Speech: myork [at]
  • Judy Park, Art: jpark [at]
  • Joe Wainer, Music: jwainer [at]
  • Deletra Schamle, Special Services/RTI: dschamle [at]
  • Bill Schubeck, band: bschubeck [at]
  • Ben Thelwell, Guidance: bthelwell [at]
  • Heather Trainor, grades 3-4: htrainor [at]
  • Jenn Jackson, grades 7-8: jjackson [at]
  • Lindsey Huntington, grades 1-2: lhuntington [at]

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